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About us...

Founded in 2016, Cirque It Aerial Arts is a boutique circus based dance studio located in Auckland, NZ, teaching people the art of creative aerial dance and performing. At Cirque It, we offer classes for a range of disciplines focusing on Aerial Silk, Aerial Lyra (Hoop) and Flexibility.


Whether you are interested primarily from a fitness point of view, looking to try something new and exciting or to add another dimension to your performance level, we can cater to your individual needs. We take pride in providing our students with the support, encouragement and tools to learn the art of aerials, within a safe and loving environment.

Meet our Teachers

Julia Churchill

"I started this studio so that people

could have a place to train and

reach goals within an environment

that was safe, supportive,

encouraging and most of all fun!"

Classically trained in Ballet since

the age of 4, Julia's passion

for dance led her to Aerial

Arts in 2008 and soon

became her new found

passion. Julia thrives on

teaching her students in

an environment filled with

kindness, love and laughter.

Her delicate and nurturing

approach has been the

foundations for creating this

space she calls home.

Rebecca Bilyard
Studio Manager / Instructor

“To me, Aerial Silks is about using

my body to do something beautiful

and amazing. It is about building

confidence and becoming part

of the community, overflowing with

creativity and motivation for

artistic self-expression”. 

From a young age, Rebecca 

was an active performer in 

music, gymnastics and

roller-skating. In 2006 she

found Aerial Silks and

fell in love!  Rebecca is

passionate about Aerial

Silks for strength training,

flexibility and artistic expression, 

as well as building communities

with a mutual love for

Aerial Arts.

Amy Nicol

"Aerials for me is all about self

expression. All of your successes,

frustrations, struggles and 

achievements all come together

to create art through movement."

Amy found Aerial arts in 2011

and instantly became

hooked,finding her passion 

in Aerial Lyra. Since then Amy

has immersed herself in the

friendly Circus community and 

taken a variety of opportunities to

perform, specialising in doubles and solo

Lyra. Amy's classes are always filled with fun and 

laughter which is a testament of her bubbly & kind personality.

Our Studio

Take a look at what classes we offer!

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