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Boutique Pole Dance & Aerial Arts Studio


MONDAY - FRIDAY 4:00PM-9:00PM WEEKENDS Subject to availability  


Studio Manager  | 021 145 5450

Director | 021 206 9900


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A Message from the Owner

"Feeling welcomed, safe and supported was one of the biggest reasons I started my Studio. I'm the first person to admit that I can be very anxious and overanalyse at times and feeling self-conscious in studios and gyms was a feeling I had felt far too often. I made it my mission to create a space that welcomed everyone and was a positive & kind environment for people to be themselves and not feel judged or that they weren't good enough.  Exercising, dancing or just trying something new in a social situation, can often feel daunting, and I want people to know that we open our doors to anyone that may feel like this (or not) and welcome you into our Cirque It Family."

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