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Founded in 2016, Cirque It Aerial Arts is a boutique circus based dance studio located in Auckland, NZ, teaching people the art of creative aerial dance and performing. At Cirque It, we offer classes for a range of arts including Pole, Aerial Silk, Aerial Lyra (Hoop), Trapeze, Hammock, Handstands and Flexibility.


Whether you are interested primarily from a fitness point of view, looking to try something new and exciting or to add another dimension to your performance level, we can cater to your individual needs. We take pride in providing our students with the support, encouragement and tools to learn the art of aerials & dance, within a safe and loving environment.







"I started this studio so that people could have a place to train and reach goals within an environment that was kind, supportive, encouraging and most of all fun!"

Classically trained in Ballet since the age of 4, Julia's passion for dance led her to Pole and Aerial Arts in 2008, which soon became her new found passion. Her favourite thing about the studio is the community and creativity. She feels the full body 'buzz' after interacting with the students in studio and the beauty that comes with creative dance and embodiment.


Julia is a mum and a Chiropractor by day and loves to immerse herself in everything personal growth & wellness related. She also has a passion for sisterhood, involving herself in the magic of woman's circles and holistic ceremonial workshops.






Lorenza attended a class at Cirque it in 2020 and quickly fell in love!


“Aerials is a way for me to get strong and fit while also being creative and pushing myself safely outside of my comfort zone. I have met so many amazing people and there is such a great sense of community with inclusivity and lack of judgement.


Teaching for me is a way to share my passion and help others achieve what that may have thought they couldn’t.”





Tess has collaborated and created in a range of circus settings on almost every continent. She creates intimate and innovative performances on dance trapeze, aerial hoop, silks, rope and anything else in the air.


Her work likes to wander between the worlds of circus, dance and theatre, connecting with audiences through meaningful movement and physical storytelling.

Tess approaches circus arts with curiosity and creativity and invites students to do the same. She will help you find your own unique way of moving in the air, through exploration, expression and excitement.




Madeleine is self taught, gathering inspiration from American strippers and her own experience as a dancer in clubs. Her style has morphed into a luxuriously fluid and sensual display of strength and flexibility.


Madeleine has been teaching dancers for just under two years now. Her favourite things to teach are advanced trickery, flow and floor.  She is also known for her knowledge and advocacy for SWers within the pole hemisphere, having run workshops educating dancers on the origins of pole within the strip club and the ethics of pole dancing. She is excited to bring this knowledge and experience into her classes.




"Aerials for me is all about self expression. All of your successes, frustrations, struggles and achievements all come together to create art through movement."


Amy found Aerial Arts in 2011 and instantly became hooked, finding her passion in Aerial Lyra. Since then Amy has immersed herself in the friendly circus community and taken a variety of opportunities to perform, specialising in doubles and aerial solos.  

Amy's classes are always filled with fun and laughter which is a testament of her bubbly and kind personality.





Jess is a talented, dynamic and versatile circus artist. Following a successful career in gymnastics, she studied at The National Centre for Circus Arts in London where she specialised in swinging trapeze. She also undertook extensive training in a range of other circus skills including aerial hoop, silk, rope, static trapeze, spanish web & acrobatics.


Jess’ versatility as a performer is reflected in her previous work, ranging from large scale corporate events, festivals and parades, to music videos and nightclubs. She has performed all over the world as both a soloist and as part of an ensemble. An experienced tutor in a multitude of aerial and acrobatic disciplines she has shared her knowledge with people of all ages. 





"To me, Aerial Silks is about using my body to do something beautiful and amazing. It's about building confidence and becoming part of the community, overflowing with creativity and motivation for artistic self-expression."

From a young age, Rebecca was an active performer in music, gymnastics and roller-skating. In 2006 she founded Aerial Silks and fell in love! 


Rebecca is passionate about Aerial Silks for strength training, flexibility and artistic expression, as well as building communities with a mutual love for Aerial Arts.




Celeste began her pole dancing journey in 2017 when she came across a goddess killing it at Family Bar, while out with friends from uni. She immediately thought she needed to get into pole dancing. She went to her first class and was hooked! Literally, because the first class was learning front hooks!


Pole dancing has been the perfect combination of dance and fitness for Celeste, she had been looking for a fun new hobby that related to her dance, cheerleading and fitness background. Since starting pole she has a new found confidence and strength, which she can't wait to share and hopes to help our students to find the same passion, strength and confidence.





Tash started her aerial journey at Cirque it and has continued to train here since the beginning of 2017. Her main apparatuses are dance trapeze and silks. 

‘Aerial arts is now more than a hobby for me. This has turned into a way for me to express myself, build connections with amazing humans and to be creative in a safe and fun space. Not only have I enjoyed seeing myself progress over the years, I’ve enjoyed witnessing and encouraging others to achieve their aerial goals, which has been so rewarding. This has sparked my interest in becoming a teacher and sharing my knowledge and passion with everyone."

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