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Frequently asked questions...

What do I wear?

Ideally gym attire, leggings below the knee and sports bra/top. Long sleeve tops (for silks/lyra) and socks (for lyra only) are recommended but not neccessary.

Can anyone attend Cirque it classes?

Our Youth classes are for ages 8-14 and our Adult classes are primarily 15+, and any level! However if your child is interested and is younger than 8, please contact us and we can explore other options.

Do I need a background in dancing to try this?

Not at all! Everyone has to start somewhere right? At Cirque It we tailor each class to the individual needs of the students no matter what level you're at.

I have no flexibility or strength, can I still take classes?

Absolutely! Your strength and flexibility will improve through out your classes at Cirque It, we are here to teach you the correct way of achieving these goals!

What payment options do you have?

We understand that life gets busy sometimes so we have designed flexible payment options for your convenience! 

We offer a Casual 'one off' option for those just wanting to pop in as they please or Term enrolments for those dedicated aerialists which come cheaper too! Bonus! For more information on pricing click here.

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